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Extended Health Insurance Claims For Your Sleep Apnea Machines and Supplies

CPAPmart does not direct bill insurance companies, however your health insurance may reimburse you for your CPAP related purchase depending on your plan’s frequency and limitations.

CPAP machines, masks, humidifiers, and other related parts are classified as Durable Medical Equipment (DME) by insurance companies. Most health plans will reimburse you for CPAP equipment, supplies, and other durable medical equipment purchased from CPAPmart, however, we recommend checking with your insurance prior to purchasing to confirm coverage.

Contacting your extended health insurance before purchasing also allows you find out if there are any additional documents needed when submitting your claim for reimbursement. Some companies, for example, may require a copy of your actual CPAP prescription along with the invoice for the reimbursement of a CPAP machine

Health Spending Accounts (HSA)

Do you have a Health Spending Account (HSA)? CPAP machines, masks, supplies and other related equipment are typically eligible for reimbursement through your HSA, however you would need to confirm with your insurance company.

Filing for reimbursement

Most insurance companies have on-line portals that allow you to quickly and easily submit your claims for reimbursement.

If you prefer to submit your claim by mail, this can be done using your extended health insurance claim form. For your convenience CPAPmart has listed the major insurance companies claim forms HERE. Simply click the correct form, print and fill it out, then send it along with your CPAPmart invoice and any other supporting documentation (e.g. CPAP Rx) to the address listed on the claim form.

If your company is not listed, visit their website or request the form from them directly.