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Sleep Angel Memory Foam Pillow

SKU: GS-3020004

SleepAngel Memory foam pillow gives good support for back and side sleepers - memory foam gently adapts to your shape, to help relieve the aches and pains caused by pressure peaks, contouring effect provides healthier head and neck support. Foam is very flexible and breathable polyurethane foam, that is highly durable and does not lose its shape and performance over years.

  • Scientifically proven to block germs, dust mites and allergens;
  • Soft and cool cover fabric
  • Easy to clean- no need to wash, simply wipe down with a cloth
  • Featuring SafeWeld seams (no needle stitching)


What is PneumaPure Filtration:

PneumaPure Filtration technology is a highly specialized nano-porous medium that is a clinically proven barrier to pathogens, allergens and microbes. SleepAngel pillows are hermetically sealed cushioning devices and airflow is only allowed via the PneumaPure filter, therefore the risks associated with regular pillows are prevented – interior contamination and build-up of allergens and microbes. The only thing that can get in or out of a SleepAngel pillow is pure air because they breathe/ventilate through the purifying filter.